"Does my staff’s appearance portray my company correctly?"

With over 20 years of experience in the apparel industry, Ocalyn has provided procurements, in-depth sourcing, pricing, research and development, quality control, order follow-up and all sort of solutions for its clients.
We believe that proper uniforms enhance a company’s image and sometimes change the destiny of a company. Ocalyn strive to assist companies in creating a smart and lasting image.

We strive to be a leader in today's marketplace.

The Image

While appearance is not everything in this time and age, it definitely helps your most valuable asset, your staff, to project the image that you like, to the public and most importantly your customers. It also represents your company’s culture and foster comradeship among the staff, hence booster the morale of the whole company

Ocalyn have the Image Enhancement Solution for companies who absolutely need to have the right image in front of their stakeholders. We have the following benefits we bring to the table:

- Rapid access to our professional and experienced team
- Customized Solution: Meeting your specific needs
- Measuring & Fitting
- On-time delivery
- Customer orientated